About us

Experience Village Life. We bring you culture, environment and economic life of the less traveled village countryside. We show you tours, travel, guesthouses and homestays close to rural family life with a personal touch.

Contacting a Service

To get in touch with any of the places and services shown on our site, you can contact the service directly through the provided phone numbers. You can also » contact us at JediTours. Depending on individual email capabilities, the service will reply to you directly or we will reply to you by email within 24-48 hours.

Adding a Service

Adding a service is free of charge. To add a description of your own countryside travel destination, countryside tour, guide or transport service, village guest house or homestay, in any countryside place of the world, please feel free to » contact JediTours. Your service must be small scale and located in the countryside or at the city fringe. We focus on services that offer a personal touch and cultural exchange, with a priority for family owned, countryside guest houses, homestays and local countryside tours.We retain the right to edit, reject or cancel submissions as we deem appropriate.

Mention us

If you like to support our objective of promoting cultural exchange through travel in the less traveled countryside, we welcome your mention of JediTours in your blog or in your web site.

Please use "http://www.jeditours.com" with title "JediTours - The Less Traveled Path" and a description similar to " Tours, travel, guesthouses and homestays. Experience cultural and economic life in the less traveled village countryside". Of course, also feel free to mention any of the individual services.

If you like us to mention your site, please enter your details at » contact JediTours. The mention must be related to travel and accomodation. We place your information in our "Locations" section.

Our name

Our name stands for the Joint economic development initiative, bringing you the less traveled places of the developing world in alternative, more personal ways. Though you may perceive some ideological similarities, we are not connected to other characters sharing our name. We may note that there are no legal constraints on using a same name, when the products and services are different. We are JediTours™, the joint economic development initiative, bringing you The Less Traveled Path™ of cultural and economic life in the countryside.