Bukit Bamboe - Garden Retreat and Cottages, Berastagi

The Place: Bukit Bamboe - Garden Retreat and Cottages, Berastagi, North Sumatra, Indonesia

Situated on a mountain slope overlooking the village of Berastagi and the Karo hinterland, Bukit Bamboe Garden Retreat and Cottages embodies the type of small guest house that exudes the natural and tranquil atmosphere that has always attracted locals and foreigners alike to the cool Berastagi hillsides.

Bukit Bamboo Berastagi garden

You will marvel at the garden, the flowers and the small pathways that lead to several separate roofed patios. Or you can rest on the grass in the tree shade.

Bukit Bamboe's cottages are currently under renovation. Until the improvements are completed, a number of rooms are available in simple standard. The renovations are indoors, so daytime visitors will fully enjoy the garden and the Bukit Bamboe atmosphere.

Bukit Bamboe is the highest garden retreat and guest house in Berastagi. The Sibayak volcano with its ever-present sulphur cloud visibly rises immediately in the back, while the panoramic front view shows the wide Karo valley. On clear days you can see the Gunung Sinabung mountain at the right side of the valley, while directly in front the town of Berastagi and its trademark Gundaling hill linger below.

Established more than ten years ago, Bukit Bamboe, which translates to English as "Bamboo Summit" was first intended as a private weekend retreat. Nowadays it serves as relaxation spot for young and old. Medan based and local businesses at times like to organise staff outings in the garden atmosphere, while its six bamboo cottages mostly cater to local and foreign tourists who prefer to avoid the hustle and bustle of Berastagi town below.

Garden and Cottage Facilities:

  • Relaxing hillside garden, patios
  • Covered event area for up to about 50 persons
  • Several unique rural bamboo cottages as suite, two and single bedrooms

Bukit Bamboe Berastagi cottages

All rooms have their own well-kept bathrooms with suitable facilities. While television, telephone, fax or fixed-line internet are not available, electricity is available in all rooms and cottages. A mobile phone might work, depending on your provider.

Sibayak Volcano Climb:

For those who plan to make the climb up to the Sibayak volcano, the traditional start of the climb is about 100 meters down the road from Bukit Bamboe! Please do not attempt to climb Sibayak without a local guide. The most recent missing person occurred in January 2007; luckily the person was found after surviving 5 days lost in the jungle. Guides are locally available. You can also contact us for a guide. Don't go without one.

How to Get to Bukit Bamboe:

From Berastagi's Fruit Market "Pajak Buah" proceed up the village road about 3 km to Simpang Gunung (Mountain Crossing), which is also the starting point of the Sibayak climb. From there make a right turn, after about 100 meters you’ll see Bukit Bamboe Cottages on the left side. Note that this is all uphill.


Bukit Bamboe Cottages
Jalan Pendidikan Jaranguda 117
Berastagi 22153, Kabupaten Karo
Sumatera Utara, Indonesia

Contacting Bukit Bamboe Garden and Cottages:

Contact the Bukit Bamboe Cottages manager directly on location or through the JediTours contact page. Please mention Bukit Bamboe Cottages, Berastagi. The management replies by email within 24-28 hours.

Since April 2008, you can contact Bukit Bamboe by phone. Call Ibu Mesya at +62 81397 546773 or Bapak Sinuraya at +62 85297 407966. You have the a chance to practice your Indonesian language when you call! In case you do not speak Indonesian, you can contact Bukit Bamboe Garden and Cottages through the JediTours » contact page. The JediTours will reply by email within 24-48 hours. Alternatively, phone +66 81425 3334 during office hours, Southeast Asia time (UCT +7:00). Your phone /voice communication provider's international rates apply.

Additional Services:

Vehicle, driver and tour guide are available for transportation from Medan to Berastagi, for touring in and around Berastagi or exploring the wider area to Kaban Djahe, Parapat, Lake Toba, Samosir Island, ancient Batak Karo Simalungung Palace, plantation towns Pemantang Siantar and Tebing Tinggi, the Leuser National Park.

Berastagi Spelling and Pronunciation:

The town of Berastagi is often spelled as either "Berastagi" or sometimes "Brastagi" and to a lesser extent as "Brestagi", while the latter comes closer to the actual pronounciation in the local Karo dialect and Bahasa Indonesia language. On the internet you will find entires using all three (and more) variations.

Berastagi Interesting Sights and Experiences:

  • Air Panas Lau Sidebuk-debuk Hot Springs (also the Erpangir Kulay ceremony there on monthly Cukra Lau day)
  • Gunung Semangat Hot Springs (tourist favourite, sometimes incorrectly referred to as Lau Debuk-Debuk Hot Springs)
  • Berastagi Fruit Market
  • Gundaling Hill Vantage Point
  • Mount Sibayak Volcano and Climb
  • Mount Sinabung Volcano and Climb
  • Pecaran Traditional Batak Village
  • Sibolangit Scout Camp
  • Tahura Picknick Area and Protected Forest
  • Air Terjun Sikulikap Waterfall...
  • Walks along Bukit Bamboe's upper hillside road, quiet with scenic views...